About CAN

A New and Wider World of Opportunities!

College Counseling Now is also known as “CAN”, a word that denotes a hopeful, optimistic, and positive outlook of a future with great potential and promise. The best definition of CAN is “to be inherently able or designed to achieve.” We know that every student CAN! 

So, despite this historic moment in time, high school students should remain hopeful and begin to wonder, explore, discover, and plan their aspirational futures NOW!

College Advising Now offers experienced, practical, and realistic higher education placement service on a global scale. We specialize in helping students from all over the world apply to a wide range of both U.S. and international colleges and universities.

College Advising Now specializes in:

  • Guiding and supporting U.S. and international high school students seeking entry into a wide range of colleges and universities in the U.S.
  • Assisting all students in selecting and applying to universities in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand and elsewhere.
  • Guiding secondary students and college transfer students to other universities and  study abroad programs
  • Engaging and enabling students seeking a GAP Year experience to discover and apply to the appropriate programs
  • Helping students who wish to pursue a college or university level online by via remote or with distance learning opportunities
  • Providing information on approved athletic ID events or specialized athletic and academic summer camps and for high school students