The Best Fit Philosophy

The concept of “Best Fit” was key to the founding and creation of College Advising Now. It is the driving force and key to an understanding of the philosophy, approach, and strategy behind all aspects of CAN advising and counseling.

“Best Fit”

Best Fit is an ideal based on simple, sound, reasoned, and ethical counseling practices. It maintains that good college and university selection comes from a careful process that is reasoned, relevant, and realistic. Every choice and decision takes into account the best interests of the individual student and family. 

“Best Fit” means that the student is placed squarely in the center. However, despite the miracles of technology, very few students can do it alone. This is why and how College Advising Now contributes to providing support, guidance, and encouragement. 

Together, the counselor, student and family make detailed plans and take decisive action related to the search, preparation, application, and decision to apply to appropriate colleges and universities. The key words in that description are “together” and “appropriate.” CAN enables  a team effort that  motivates students to make the key decisions that impact their personal, academic, and career needs.

“Best Fit” is a critical piece, as College Advising Now does things a bit differently. Many independent counselors use words like “match,” “fit,” and “appropriate” in their professional profiles. CAN, however, takes the words very seriously. “BEST FIT” for CAN means that every college researched and every university considered, should fit the student right, tight, and comfortably. Exactly, what you are thinking—like a glove! 

Many college and university consultants market brand-name, “highly-ranked,” Ivy-type admissions. They refer to such  colleges and universities as “the best.” CAN takes a different view and acts accordingly. 

Highly competitive colleges and universities in the United States and beyond accept under 10% of applicants annually. The most competitive schools may accept fewer than 5% of applicants. Every country has colleges and universities that can only accept a small percentage of applicants.

But, what about all the rest of the schools out there? Ninety percent of colleges and universities world-wide are not seeking the most highly skilled, most intelligent, most unique, most special, one-of-a-kind incredible individual. The vast majority of four-year colleges and universities are really seeking good high school students, intelligent students, caring students, active students, students who will serve as future leaders, those who possess great imagination, or are innovative, and have developed a  capability to be successful. 

College Advising Now aims to work with the vast majority of students. Not the 5% group, but the 95% group! Our clients are athletes, artists, musicians, and leaders—and those who wish to study internationally. They are all a part of that 95%.