American Universities Abroad

There are several dozen colleges and universities throughout the world recognized and accredited by higher education associations in the United States. On occasion, the name of the school is distinguished by the title of Anglo-American or simply named the American University of “X” followed by the name of that international city. You can find these universities on every continent, and they often have a history that goes back one-hundred years. They can provide a transitional general studies program for foreign students seeking entry on to a U.S. campus, but they also can award two- or four-year degrees.  Many are known for their international business or co-op programs.

Four of the better known U.S. colleges in Europe are Franklin University in Switzerland, the American University of Paris,  John Cabot University in Rome, and Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. 

A large number of U.S. colleges and universities also maintain other international campuses such as New York University (NYU). NYU admits students to their main location in New York City, but also to its campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. In addition, students can attend NYU programs in other cities throughout the world. 

Other National Systems with University Level English-language Stream Programs

Many European countries have English language-based degree programs on their campuses. Many of these are business-oriented in a variety of ways, but one can also find majors like aeronautics, international studies, hotel management, engineering, technology, fashion, and dual-language areas of study. 

Some programs are specifically designed to welcome students who speak English, but others allow students to study the national language of that country while pursuing a full degree. Such programs currently exist in Scandinavian Countries (like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark); in Germany; in several newer universities in Spain; in The Netherlands (known for its bilingual society), and elsewhere like Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India.

Franklin University, Switzerland