International Independent Schools

School Consulting

CAN provides an international school service that includes short-term or semester-long programs designed to create, develop, improve, and/or audit a university and college advising/counseling program. VOCAP, or Visiting Overseas College Advising Program, is based on potential visitation schedules that last one week or longer. These short-term campus consulting visitations focus on presentations to high school students, outreach to parents, and on-site training of staff. 

A new component of VOCAP is designed around a “College Admission Curriculum” offered via webinar to smaller, new, or developing international schools that do not have a full-time college and university advisor in place. 

CAN has provided consulting services to international schools located in Argentina, Egypt, Panama, Korea, China, Spain, India, and Singapore. School administrators should contact CAN via this web site or by email directly at

International School of Panama