College Advising Now offers expert, personalized guidance to U.S. and International Students applying to colleges and universities both in the U.S. and abroad.

CAN provides support, advice, guidance, counseling, and advocacy through the entirety of the college and university admission, application, and entry process.  A proper search for appropriate schools will always intersect with the personal, academic, and career aspirations of students.

CAN is pleased to provide support to U.S. citizens and to students from abroad. The only condition associated with becoming a CAN client is that the student is in possession of basic English language skills. 

Services include, but are not limited to, academic analysis, athletic and artistic evaluation, guidance with the search process, decision-making, list-making, communication with colleges and universities, interview support, essay assistance, completion and submission of applications, time and deadline management, follow-up on each application, financial and scholarship aid assessment, the final decision-making, and transition to university.