CAN offers its services by the week, month, for one full school year, or longer. University advising and college guidance services are provided directly to individual students, families, small groups, and/or international high schools. In all cases, CAN focuses on what is best for each student.

The cost and fees associated with this type of independent college counseling or university advising are often very expensive. However, that is not the case with CAN!

CAN does things differently in many ways—from its “best fit” philosophy to the price of services. CAN is for most of society, not the best of a small, elite, or selective group. The cost of the services reflects that ideal.

CAN strongly believes that every student and family, whatever their socio-economic status, should receive both excellent and affordable higher education counseling and advising. CAN does everything possible to make its service an affordable and beneficial investment for all students. This is accomplished in several different ways.

  • A low basic cost that averages under $3,000
  • A choice of three packages based on individual preferences and needs
  • A goal to assist first-generation families with guidance at an affordable rate 

Any interested client may opt to design an individualized fee option based on an expected number of required sessions, the timing of the request, and their particular set of needs. Please contact CAN with any questions on financial options. 


Total Cost: $1,800

This includes a registration fee: of $250* for approximately 10 sessions over one half a school year or one semester.


Total Cost: $2,600

This includes a registration fee of $300* for approximately 15 sessions over one full school year (ten months).


Total Cost: $3,800

This includes a registration fee of $400* for full service/approximately 24 sessions and longer-term counseling during Grades 11 and 12.

*The initial registration fee is deducted from the total cost and is inclusive of a welcome and introductory session of 20 minutes.