College Advising Now provides support and specialized advising to potential college athletes. This is especially helpful to those student-athletes seeking an academic environment and an athletic experience at Division II & III levels in the United States, or at the university club level abroad.

Note: Students with a goal or intention of playing at a Division I level are more highly recruited, for the most part, and their college admission process can be supported by others.

CAN works with individuals who believe that their “right fit” schools are located with D. II, D. lII, and at the NAIA levels of competition.

Artists & Musicians

Artists, musicians, and performance-based students receive individualized advising in applying to specialized schools. In addition to general college/university guidance, our creative and talented clients may want assistance or another opinion with portfolio development, audition scheduling, and college visits. CAN assists students in thinking strategically and planning critically to find the right school to develop talents and look to the future for fine and performing artists.

Gap Year

A gap year can offer an attractive alternative to the traditional entry point to college. Normally, a gap year is a transitional semester or school year dedicated to the work, skills training, or a community service project. The selected activity should contribute to students’ personal growth or add to their academic strengths.

Summer Programs & Athletic Camps

While many 2020 summer programs are canceled due to COVID-19, traditionally summer offers new beginnings and hundreds of excellent programs and athletic camps. Some are selective, some are advanced,  some are immersion, and many are college-prep related. Course offerings run the gamut and are offered on most college and university campuses in the U.S. and overseas.  It takes time and good advising to select what is best.

Online Distance Learning

Remote or distance learning took on a whole new meaning in 2020. Colleges and universities became dependent on online classes and Zoom to meet teaching needs. There is no reason to think that this phenomenon will slow down as we move forward. Higher education is moving in the direction of a blended learning model and CAN can help students and families plan for this inevitability. College and university learning may never look quite the same after 2020!