Proper planning and organization are integral to the college admission and application processes. CAN believes that sound thinking, a concrete strategy, and deliberate planning leads to successful results in any activity or endeavor.  


Planning entails developing a blueprint for progress. It involves an approach and a process that is set in motion for three months, six months, a year, or even more. It can begin as early as the 10th grade. All such planning entails goal-setting and meeting established deadlines.


The best strategy is a positive one. In this context, students develop into their own best advocates. They become proactive in researching, visiting, and expressing interest in particular colleges and universities. Again, both academic and personal goals are woven into a strategic plan that results in excellent choices.


The results of sound planning and an intelligent strategy are positive outcomes. In college and university advising a successful student will achieve, at minimum, 60%+ acceptance rate. That is based on students applying to ten colleges and being accepted to at least 6. That is a CAN goal for every student. Moreover, financial aid and scholarship monies may be offered. Results, however, are never guaranteed.